Tired of chasing love?
A practical, approachable 
guide for healing 
anxious & avoidant 
relationship struggles
(for couples OR singles!)

Book Reviews
It's been three days with no call or text back. You can't eat, sleep, or work. If you feel like you're going to die alone in your bed, gripping your phone, waiting for a response...
Stop waiting and start growing.
Stop the self-fulfilling prophecy of worrying that your relationships will all end in disaster. Take a deep dive into healing your anxious attachment, learn how to boost your self-esteem and independence, and build a foundation for healthy love.
The Anxious Hearts Guide is a collection of years of psychology research, book recommendations, and strategies to help supercharge your relational health and stop pushing potential partners away. It is an approachable, accessible, and enlightening window into why anxious attachers do the frustrating things that we do for love and how to rise above it.
Over 18,000 copies sold across the US and in 35+ countires!

Meet Rikki Cloos, a fellow anxious heart.

Rikki Cloos is a writer and content creator with a captivating authenticity and passion for attachment healing.
Her mission is to help others heal their anxious attachment and create more secure relationships. She is the writer and content creator behind @AnxiousHeartsGuide, a community of 400,000+ on Instagram. What started as a research project to help transform her own relationships from rock bottom has blossomed into a community and collective global audience of over 500,000 anxious hearts (and growing...)
Rikki's involvement with the psych and self-help community online inspired her to write the book that she would have needed years ago.
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There's so much we can do to heal our anxious heart.
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