The Anxious Hearts Guide

It’s been three days with no call or text back— you can’t eat, sleep, or work. You’re going to die alone in your bed, gripping your phone, waiting for a text back; or at least that’s what your brain keeps telling you. There’s a fatal flaw that daters like you all have in common. Are you a fellow anxious heart? If you’re still holding your phone hoping they’ll reply then drop it now and pick up this book.

Stop the self-fulfilling prophecy of worrying that your relationships will all end in disaster. Take a deep dive into healing your anxious attachment, learn how to boost your self-esteem and independence, and build a foundation for healthy love.

Within the pages, you'll find a collection of psychology research, book recommendations, and strategies to help supercharge your relational health and stop pushing potential partners away. It is an approachable, accessible, and enlightening window into why we do the frustrating things that we do for love and how to rise above it.

The Anxious Hearts Guide

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Signs of Anxious Attachment

- Clingy, needy behavior
- Overanalyzing and constantly worrying about your relationship
- Putting the needs of your significant other before yours, always
- Constant, insatiable craving for closeness and intimacy
- Intolerance for your partner being unavailable or inattentive
- The tendency to lose yourself in relationships
- Codependent behavior
- Difficulty being alone
- Low self-esteem / No sense of self
- Frequently indulging in oversharing/gossip
- Strong fear of rejection/criticism/abandonment
- Needing constant reassurance that you are cared about
- Being overly affected by your partner's action/moods
- A tendency toward moodiness, impulsivity, and instability
- Prone to jealousy, insecurity, and unhealthy coping mechanisms

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Ricki Cloos

About Your Guide

Author Rikki Cloos has spent years researching Attachment Theory and curating all of the best info and most helpful sources on healing Anxious Attachment into one approachable, accessible, and enlightening book: 
The Anxious Hearts Guide. She holds degrees in 
Creative Nonfiction  Writing, Communications, and 
Graphic Design, and can be reached via DM on Instagram: @TheAnxiousHeartsGuide
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